Cakes and New Year’s Eve Birthdays

A Couple days ago my niece Quincy asked me if she could come over Saturday night to make her mom a birthday cake. My sister Nancy’s birthday is the easiest Birthday to remember, New Years Eve. What a fun day to have a birthday too, everyone around the world is celebrating! It’s also Caden’s birthday ( my son Haden’s really good friend) so I was already planning on making him cupcakes for his birthday, we were having him over for dinner that night because his family doesn’t live close by and we couldn’t have him eating alone on his special day. So of course I told her yes!

So Saturday night rolled around and we were trying to think of what kind of cake to make Nancy. My go to cake is just a normal round two layer cake. So we decided to do that. But didn’t really have a theme or idea of how to decorate it. I was looking in my cupboards for my round cake pans and they were not where I usually put them, as I was searching I pulled out a fish-shaped pan and a hand shaped pan. I literally have no clue where I even got the hand shaped pan and why I would ever need such a thing? We got to laughing and then of course started thinking of ways we could use these pans. We decided to use the Fish pan and somehow try to turn it into a Mermaid Cake. LOL!

we had a good time laughing as we tried to turn this fish cake into a Mermaid, it’s not the prettiest cake I’ve ever made, but it was definitely made with love.

We just made the hand cake as a bonus cake because who couldn’t use an extra hand? LOL. we seriously can’t think of an occasion where one would need a hand cake!

After using all of our creative juices on the mermaid cake, poor Caden just got regular ol cupcakes with sprinkles. 1FB7D5CE-A76B-48F0-93DE-D5064B556ED9


Look how happy these two look! Nothing brings a smile quite like cake!  Happy Birthday You two. jf-2

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