Christmas 2017

Wow I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone already! All that I forgot to do or didn’t do right this year can’t be changed, it’s all in the past now, and I can’t change anything,all I can do is try to do better next year. I struggled this year on a lot of different areas…  there’s a few that come to mind but one that really bugged me the most and is probably the most stupid thing to let bug me, was that every year I make fudge and this year I made not one but two batches of fudge to give away and both batches sucked, I apologize to those who I ended up giving it out to anyways, it was just one of those things, I am usually an awesome fudge maker, but for whatever reason It turned out really grainy and just not very good, the normal me wouldn’t have ever given it away, but time was limited and so was my ingredients and money so…I handed it out anyways, which made me sick to my stomach to do because apparently I am a perfectionist (in some areas in my life)  I sure hope the old “it was the thought that counts” applies in this situation. I really was thinking of you and wanted to bring you a nice treat!!

I also didn’t take very many pictures at all, my photo taking game lacked hard this Christmas, I am not sure why? Things just felt off to me for some reason, but I did manage to snap a few of Christmas Eve and of course of our annual PJ’s and pictures I do every Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day… NOT ONE picture?!? What?? How is this possible? But just because I didn’t take pictures of our day does not mean It wasn’t a great day, quite the opposite, It was a great day, and It’s not because of the many gifts we both gave and received, it was because it was a day dedicated to being with my family, I love being with my family more than they will ever know. Even when they are driving me crazy, it is so much better to be with them, then without them. So hopefully when I think back upon Christmas 2017, I wont think of my epic fudge failure, or the not so perfect presents, or lack of pictures, but I will remember the love and joy I felt being with the ones I love!

Here are a few highlights of our Christmas


Christmas Eve ever since I can remember has been at my parents house. My Dad reads from the Bible about the birth of our savior, we eat yummy treats and we play our annual White Elephant Gift exchange game. It is always the highlight of the evening and this year didn’t disappoint! I think the best part this year was Mom opening up a Chippendale’s Calendar and everyone fighting over a real Bear skin rug! It is always a good time!


Opening of Christmas PJ’s and taking family pictures, we’ve done this for so many years my kids know better than to fight me on it, they are such troopers! After we usually watch The Christmas Story, but this year we switched things up and watched Home Alone. While it was fun to watch something different, I never get tired of The Christmas Story and i missed it a tiny bit!


This was the only picture I took before we tore into everything Christmas Morning, not one picture of our sleepy faces, or torn wrapping paper and ribbon everywhere, just the calm before the storm! Good Thing there is always next year 😛


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