Clogged Pipes and Drained Bank Accounts

Nothing says Merry Christmas  quite like unexpected expenses during the holidays 😦 Sunday evening after a fun-filled evening with my family I went upstairs to clean up the cookie making mess and noticed the kitchen sink wasn’t draining… Doug and I plunged and tried to snake it out ourselves with no luck. Then we decided to run a load in the washing machine… big mistake! Smelly dish Water was back-flowing out the drain pipe in the laundry room! So after a mad dash to find every towel in the house to sop up all the water, we thought we had  better call someone out…Ugh why is it that these things never happen when it’s money that is over flowing in our bank accounts?? Ha, OK I don’t think we’ve ever had money over flowing like that, but you know what I mean!? I know it’s never a good time for stuff like this to happen but it seems that Things like this always tend to happen at the worst possible times! So I’m trying to put a positive spin on things to keep me from crying, it could have happened on Christmas Day which would have been way worse, right?  And what’s another $400 on the credit card??😬 Like my son Josh always says about money… you can’t take it with ya when you die (or something like that)😜



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