Christmas Cookies

I love me a good sugar cookie, but making them has never been a favorite of mine… except for when I am making them with my family. Knowing that my whole family was going to be together for Sunday dinner I decided it would be worth the effort to make sugar cookies. Saturday I made the dough and let Tyler and Kaysha cut out the cookies for me, for whatever reason that is one of my least favorite part about making them. They seemed to have a good time doing it so it was a win-win.

After they were all cut and cooked , I still had to make frosting and dye it different colors and put them in the pastry bags… dang it, maybe that’s my least favorite part!  Ugh, this is why I don’t like making sugar cookies, too many steps! And not to mention extremely messy!!

But the next part is my favorite… watching my grown boys totally getting into frosting and decorating Christmas sugar cookies, Yep this makes all the time and effort pay off! It’s not everyday they get to use their creative sides, so it is so much fun for me to watch! Haden even invited his buddy Tanner who informed us it was his first time frosting sugar cookies, he did a really good job for a first timer too, I was impressed! I also learned that Josh can frost and eat cookies faster than any of us!

I love this crazy family of mine, it was totally worth the time and mess to spend some quality time with these guys! Now the next really big reason why I don’t like to make sugar cookies… I have no self-control around them, so don’t be alarmed the next time you see me, I may be packing on a few extra Pounds! Tis’ The Season…


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