Funerals and Family

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind of emotions, planning and arranging a funeral is a lot of work and very mentally draining. There is always worry that their final  send off won’t be good enough, but yesterday turned out amazing, everyone who participated in the program shared such awesome stories, it was a great tribute to an even greater man. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sits there listening to the awesome things people have to say about their loved ones who have passed and secretly wonder if the life we are living right now is good enough. I wonder will people struggle to find kind things to say about me? Am I living my life the way I should be? Maybe I am the only one who does this?? But sitting there yesterday listening to all the great things my father in law was, it inspired me to be better, to try harder to live more like he did. To love greater and give a little more freely.

After the funeral we had reservations to eat as a family at Olive Garden, Charlie loved that place, we ate there more times than I can count as an extended family, for his birthday and Father’s Day, and many more times with just my little family for Sunday dinners. That back party room will always hold a special place in my heart, as we all sat there yesterday as a family and just talked and enjoyed each other’s company I felt love for everyone there and had an overwhelming feeling come over me that we need to keep up traditions or form new ones so that we as a family will still find time to be together, because let’s face it life gets busy and sometimes it’s too easy to let too much time to go by without seeing each other and not having parents around anymore to instigate it, our family time may get further and further apart:(  So I hope and pray that the family will stick together and make an effort to spend time with each other and to always remember yesterday and honor Charlie by becoming together as family more often. Because in the end, friends will come and go but Families are forever 💗



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