Thanksgiving 2017

This year for thanksgiving Tyler was scheduled to work so he couldn’t come home for the holiday, we decided if he couldn’t come home we would come to him, the fact that it’s a nice 75 degrees in St George may have helped in our decision making. When our good friends Paul and Renate found out we were coming to town they graciously invited us to have thanksgiving dinner with their family. We didn’t want to impose, we were just planning on going out to eat but they insisted we join them,I even tried to bring something to help out in some way  but Renate totally shut me down. They went above and beyond , it was quite the spread and everything was Delicious!!  The smoked bacon wrapped turkey breast was a highlight,( not to be confused with sausage, bacon butt)  sorry inside joke. Afterwards  we sat and chatted about the old days and ended up playing a little Yahtzee and Quip-lash with the kids. It was a really fun day.

Today I am grateful for friendships. You never know what will spark a friendship, ours started out pretty funny, we were next door neighbors and we had never even talked before, i was outside doing yard work and trying to entertain Josh who was around 4 years old at the time, Renate was outside reading a book. I found a giant earth worm and called Josh over to come check it out, i put the worm on the railroad tie and Josh  came running over and slapped his hand down right on top of the worm and says, where mom?? I look and he had smashed the worm with his hand and Renate had watched the whole thing go down and she  just bursts out laughing! We both had a good laugh and then  we introduced ourselves through the chain link fence. Who knew that one silly thing could bring two families together?? We have been friends ever since! Living by Paul and Renate were some of the funnest years and even though we don’t Live next to each other anymore,anytime we get together we start up right back where we left off. While I am thankful for many things this year Family and good Friends tops my list, who knew that an earthworm and laughter could bring two families together?


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