Saying Goodbye

This Past Weekend was pretty tough. I have never been good at Goodbyes. But saying Goodbye to my father in law was probably one of the toughest things I have done so far.  From the moment I met Charlie I felt loved, He treated me like family from day one. I always secretly kind of felt like I was his favorite, but as anyone who knows him knows, he treats everyone this way and we are all favorite in his eyes. I can almost bet each of my boys feel that they are his favorite grandson too, he just had a way of making you feel so loved. He also was a giver, probably the most giving person I have ever known. He always wanted to share. Whatever it was he had, he would give away to someone if he felt needed it more than him. And don’t ever show up to his house full because he would push food on you till you ate it whether you were hungry or not! 🙂

I can remember when Doug and I were first married and so poor we could barely afford to eat let alone go on vacations, but a couple of times we managed to take a trip down to St. George or somewhere and Charlie would pull me aside and slip me a $100 bill and say to me, ‘this is for you, buy yourself something, don’t you dare spend it on bills’. He did this a couple of times during our early married years and I always had the hardest time spending that money because it meant so much to me ( and the fact there were so many other things I needed to spend that money on other than myself!)  I have witnessed him tip waitresses, fast food employees, and any other person who has served him in some way with $100 bills. He just loved to make people feel special. Mind you, this man was not “rich” he worked very hard for his money, his father passed away when he was only 4 years old so he had to work most of his life, as soon as he was old enough he was working to help his mother take care of the family. He worked up until he could no longer work which was only a few years ago. He has taught me a huge lesson, he left this life with very little monetary wise, But what he did leave behind is worth way more than anything money can buy!

I also never really got to thank him for raising Doug the way he did, because of Charlies great example I am married to the most loving and caring man also. It may not be $100 bills that he is passing out, but Doug gives just as much as his father, he gives his time and expertise all day everyday. I don’t think a day goes by that he isn’t asked a favor, whether it be calling in prescriptions, reading X-rays,  emergency stitches, giving medical advise, cortisone shots, getting someone into see a doctor that is booked out for months, you name it Doug finds a way and time to make all these things happen without every asking for anything in return.  I attribute that all to the great example he had in his father.  He too would be passing out $100 bills (if I would let him), but we are in no position to do so, but it would be his dream to be able to do that one day. But he does give whenever he can and his heart is there always. Now that my boys are older I am seeing Charlie’s influence on them too, they too are very giving and loving. It’s just amazing to see how much one mans example can influence so many! It’s not just Doug who possess these qualities but all of Doug’s siblings do they are all stellar people who were raised by the best, both Charlie and Elaine are people I will always look up to.

Words can not express how hard it was to watch him suffer these past couple of days, I am so thankful for the time I have had with him and for all he has done for us. As much as it hurts to have him gone, I am so thankful that he is no longer suffering and is with Elaine, (my mother in law), his love of his life! What an amazing reunion that must have been! Thank you for everything, you may be gone here from this earth but your legacy lives on. I love you Charlie…Till we meet again xoxo



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