Stitch Fix Box #3


This past weekend I received my third Stitch Fix box and I think this one might just be my favorite one so far!! I told my stylist I wanted a medium-sized handbag, and a navy or black trench coat, and the rest I would like in tops. Well she did exactly that! I am not going to lie, when I first opened the box the plaid shirt and black shirt were just OK for me but when I put these on, first I was blown away at how soft and comfy these shirts are, like I literally feel like I am wearing my pajamas, and second I was surprised at how much better they looked on me then I thought they would, which goes to show that trying on things is very important ( my least favorite thing to do by the way). I love the trench coat and the handbag, I never would have picked a burgundy handbag and think of if as a neutral color like she suggested, but the shirt with the tie bell sleeves was the winner for me, I had pinned some fun bell sleeved shirts on my Pinterest board and she picked up on that and sent me the cutest shirt ever and the mustard color is a win too!!  So overall I am extremely happy with this fix. I have heard a lot of people who are disappointed with their fixes and all I can say is the more specific you are in what you want the better they will be. If you want to give Stitch Fix a try Click this link to get started!   Sign Up for Stitch Fix Today!





I got lucky that Doug was home when the box came so I didn’t have to try to take selfies this time, so much easier!  LOL


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