Happy 22nd Birthday Haden!!



Today is my son Haden’s 22nd birthday!! I can’t believe it, time just keeps on ticking and My boys are all getting so old! Haden is our middle child and ever since he was very little always made sure he was not forgotten, he always made sure he was front and center of every photo or video we have ever taken. Haden is full of life and there is never a dull moment when he is around. When he was gone for 2 years our family could definitely feel a void, Haden brings our family together in a way I can’t even explain, he is a joy to be around and he is filled with love and energy. Haden is also very tender-hearted and is constantly thinking of others. Doug and I were just about to become empty nesters and the moment Tyler moved away Haden decided to move back home,(He must have sensed we weren’t exactly ready to accept it ;P) it has been fun to have him around and to sit and chat with him and watch him grow and mature. I love that he will text me in the middle of the day and tell me he loves me or shares with me how things are going in his life. He even asks for my opinion and is respectful of it even if we don’t always agree. He even occasionally out of the blue will bring Doug and I a random treat for no reason! I have always felt with all of my boys that I would actually chose them to be my friends If I wasn’t their mother, Haden is definitely someone I would choose as a friend. I love this guy with all my heart. I am excited to see what the future hold for him! Happy Birthday Buddy Hope you have a great day!  I Love you!! ooxxooXoXXx ( said in a Nacho libre voice… hug, hug, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, Big kiss, little hug, kiss, kiss, little kiss)




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