Utah Pinners Conference

This past weekend my good friend Lucie invited me to go to a Pinner’s conference with her. I have never heard of such a thing and At first I wasn’t too sure what to expect, I mean I go on Pinterest every once in a while but I am not a huge Pinner, and I am definitely not crafty, so I wasnt too sure what this was all about and if I wanted to be involved in such a thing. Lucie had never been either so we decided to just go and check it and see.


I mean when we get together it’s always a good time no matter what we are doing, but it was really fun checking out all of the different booths and trying out all the fun things they had for us to do. We made a leather tag, got our rings cleaned, nails done, ate some strange foods ( bad cookies, and granola), got people trying to sell us all kinds of different things and an encounter with a couple pushy phone case salesmen that were ruthless but we didn’t cave in and we got a selfie with one of them :P, I even lost a $100 bet to Lucie that luckily she didn’t make me pay, and I didn’t even have to steal a cupcake to make up for it! LOL (sorry had to throw in an inside joke there).  So next time you see a Pinners conference grab some girlfriends and head over for some good old fashion girl time!



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