I am Thankful for Friends

Yesterday was November 1st and it seemed only fitting that we got together as friends at the beginning of the month that we all stop and think about the things we are thankful for.  As I sat there catching up with these girls I thought about how grateful and lucky I am to have such awesome ladies in my life. We have all gone through different life challenges and these girls are always there to lift each other up and lend a listening ear, cheer each other on, and love and support each other whenever needed but Most importantly I can always count on a good laugh when we are together,  We always have the best time, I am so happy to call each of these girls my friend. Today I am Thankful for friends, not just the ones in this picture, but all of the people I consider to be my friend, there is quite a few of you, I hope you know who you are, you all make me a better person, your examples, your laughter, your caring, all doesn’t go unnoticed. I sometimes don’t express in words enough, or show enough how much I care for my friends, I sure hope you all know I am Thankful for you!



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