The Last Halloween Hot Dog Fest Tonight

When Doug and I moved here from St. George our boys were 12, 10 and 6 years old. Doug and I have always loved Halloween and dressing up and we wanted to do something fun and different and since we were new to the neighborhood we figured we could start a new tradition. Doug had always talked about pulling the grill out and grilling up hot dogs instead handing out the usual candy. We figured our boys always left the house Halloween night without really eating dinner, this would at least get some sort of food into them before they went out  trick or treating and ended up in a sugar coma,we also figured our kids probably weren’t the only ones. It also can get pretty cold here in October at night so we decided to also do Hot Chocolate. We then decided we should put up chairs in our garage and make it so people could sit down for a minute, warm up with a dog and some hot chocolate, mingle with the neighbors before heading back out. That first year we had a lot of confused looks when we would invite them in for a hot dog, but over the years it has become a tradition for most of the neighbor kids to come to our house and it has been so much fun for us to get to know everyone a little better and to see all the fun costumes. This year marks our 12th year of doing this! For the last 3 years or so I have been saying this is our last year, and then the next year rolls around and I can’t bring myself to not do it. Well This year I am officially calling it, This Will Be Our LAST year! My boys are now all graduated from High School, I have one married and two in college, we never intended to do this forever but we’ve had so much fun doing it and struggle with making the decision, but I think we are ready to start a new chapter, one where we can sit and relax and answer the door and pass out candy like a normal people again. So If you’ve never come by our house for a Halloween weenie and Hot Cocoa you better come by tonight because this is the final party! There, I finally said it, It’s official now maybe people will believe me when I say this is the last year! 🙂 here’s a huge photo dump of Halloween past, such good memories and so fun to see how much everyone has grown over the years! Happy Halloween and hope to see you all one more time tonight!!



2 thoughts on “The Last Halloween Hot Dog Fest Tonight

  1. This makes me want to cry! I didn’t realize last night was the LAST night. You guys are so great to have had such a fun tradition in the neighborhood for all of these years. I’m going to miss the hot chocolate and seeing your annual costumes. Loves- Terra

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