You’ve Been Boo-ed!

It’s that time of year again when everyone is Boo-ing each other. I don’t really remember this happening when I lived in California, but here in Utah it is a huge thing. Every year a week or two before Halloween people start leaving treats on each other’s doorsteps with the “You’ve Been Boo-ed” sign. You are supposed to put the sign up on your door so nobody else Boo’s you and you are supposed to Boo someone who hasn’t been Boo-ed yet.  But Every year when this happens I can only think of one thing, and that is my good Friend Renate. Renate and I became friends back when I was around 24  years old. We were next door neighbors. She is from Germany and not a Mormon, and she  lived right in the middle of Mormon-ville where I am guessing Boo-ing probably was born. She would tell me how much she didn’t like the whole Boo thing and didn’t understand it at all and did not want to be involved in it at all, like she had some serious feelings about it. So of course me being the prankster that I am HAD to Boo her. But It couldn’t just be any ordinary treat, So Doug and I starting thinking of what we could put on her front porch that would really get her going. So we searched our house and found inside our freezer a steak that had been in their WAY too long and a can of corn, this was sure to get her going. So Doug and I snuck over and left our freezer burned steak and can of corn and a You’ve Been Boo-ed sign and rang the doorbell and ran! We just knew she would know it was us and we all would have a good laugh. Well we didn’t hear anything about it that night, but this was before Cell Phones so that wasn’t a big deal. The next night Doug and I went over to Renate’s house to hang out and to see what she had to say about the whole Boo thing. We went over fully expecting to get called out, what happened was even better, she started going off on how the neighbors down the street who she knows doesn’t like her put a freezer burned steak and can of corn on her porch for the Stupid Boo thing! She had a few choice words about it too, It took everything in us to not bust up laughing, we just let her believe it was the neighbors and left, we went home and literally laughed until tears came down our faces, it was so funny!  We let her think it was the neighbor for a few more days and the things she would say would crack us up so bad. We finally had to tell her, at first I thought she might kill me, but instead we all died laughing! I kid you not every single year since then when I see the Boo signs out all I can think of is the freezer burn steaks and can of corn and of course my good friend Renate who thankfully is still my friend!  LOL!!

We just got Boo-ed last night,luckily for us we got yummy chocolate chips cookies…now who to Boo? and What should I give out?… I wonder if we have any freezer burn steaks?? LOL


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