Hapari Swimwear

I Love shopping but I hate trying on clothes like… HATE it! But what’s worse than trying on clothes is trying on SWIMSUITS! I mean it’s bad enough trying to look decent in those fluorescent lights with clothes on but add being  near-naked to the mix and it can bring about some serious depression issues for me. There is nothing fun about buying a swimsuit, like I’m not sure I’m getting my point across, I am saying  I’d rather have bamboo shoots stuck up my fingernails than shop for a swimsuit, are you getting the picture yet? HATE, HATE, HATE!! …Until I found Hapari. I love their swimsuits. They aren’t teeny tiny or super grandma looking either they are somewhere in between. I told Doug when I turned 40 I wasn’t going to wear a bikini anymore. I think I pushed beyond that about 5 years and now it’s just better for all involved if I just cover things up 😛 I never want to be the “old Lady” in a bikini. I bought my first tankini from them back in 2009 and I still have that suit and can still wear it, the fabric is high quality, it still looks new and because it is a classic style I feel like I can still wear it and not feel out of style.

Since then I have bought a ton of their suits, I even bought one of their bikinis because they have a little more coverage for people like me who don’t want to show too much.  what I really love about them is that the sizing has not changed at all in the 8 years I have been buying from them. I can literally order online and know it will fit. So no more dreaded dressing rooms for me when I feel like I need a new suit I just hop on the computer and pick one out! So easy and so much less stressful.  If you are lucky they will be having a sale and you can get a suit for a steal! Right now if you use the code FALL60 you can take 60% off! That code will even work for their clearance items too!! I don’t know how long this code will last so If you have ever wanted to try them out now would be the time to do it! Hope you love them as much as I do and… Your Welcome! 🙂




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