Why is it when you go shopping swearing you wont buy anything or don’t have money to spend is when you find everything?? But if my husband hands me a couple hundred bucks and says go find yourself something fun to buy, I cant find anything?? Well yesterday my sister Nancy had the day off and wanted to go shopping, I am always up for shopping but I really didn’t want to buy anything for myself. Well of course I found all kinds of things I wanted! GRRR… I did give in and bought a few things but I couldn’t help myself it was Columbus day and they had all these great deals going on. The one thing I found that I was really happy about were these booties. I have quite a few pairs of booties already but what made these so different from the rest is these are wedges! I love wedges! I am the queen of wedge sandals, I try not to buy any new ones because I own so many! But WEDGE BOOTIES… UM yes! Had to get them! Not only that they were the perfect color, I love this color, not even sure what color to call it but, It’s favorite! 🙂



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