This past weekend Doug surprised me with tickets to see Thriller up at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City.  Every year around October for as long as I can remember they have put on this production and I actually have never even paid any attention to it because I am not the most cultured person when it comes to musicals, plays and dance type things. The only Broadway show Doug and I both really like is The Phantom of The Opera. We’ve seen it multiple times and I am sure we would probably like others if we would just go to more of them, but to be honest it’s just not my first choice of entertainment.

We have kind of been in a Rut lately when it comes to “dating”, dinner and a movie is usually our go to thing, which is fine, but sometimes you just got to switch things up to keep things from getting too stale! I am so lucky to have Doug who will think of different things for us to do. I really need to up my game, I feel like as a woman I should be the one who thinks of these things, but it just doesn’t come naturally to me at all. I’m starting to see why I had all boys. LOL


Not only did Doug surprise me with tickets, he got us front row seats! I was pleasantly surprised by this show. The dancers were amazing and there was only a few scenes where they lost me a bit, Kind of reminded me of  when I went to the Blue Man Group, I still to this day can not figure out how they have been in Vegas all these years, I just don’t get it! LOL But for the most part it was great. I really liked the first Aerial dance, wow that girl is strong! These dancers were all very talented and I was in Awe at how physically fit they were, In fact I was so motivated watching them, the whole time I was thinking I need to get back into shape ( but that left me the moment the show was over and we went To Maxwell’s for Pizza) LOL… Yep that’s an 18 inch Fat Kid Pizza! UMMMMM!!


I think my favorite part was probably watching the Zombies that crept around before, after and during intermission, They were great, I am not sure how they kept a straight face the whole time!  If you are looking for something fun to do this Halloween season, I highly recommend checking it out!


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