Let’s Choose Love

I am not someone who likes to talk religion or politics for a lot of reasons but mostly because I am not an expert on either subject… like not at all,  but what I do know is some pretty basic stuff.  I live my life pretty simple and believe the simple principles I have been taught as a child.

There seems to be so much hatred in the world lately. Everyone wants to make a stand, stand up for Racism, religion, gay rights, women’s rights, the list goes on and on. The thing that gets me is how angry we have all become and how much hatred there is from all these different groups. It’s too much for me. I am a simple girl with simple values. I can remember growing up in Church (Primary) singing this song…

Jesus said love everyone;
Treat them kindly too.
When your heart is filled with love,
Others will love you.

I wish we could all just follow this simple little song. No where in this does it say love only people who believe the same as you, or look the same as you or act the same as you it says LOVE EVERYONE! I realize that some people do things and practice things I don’t believe in or think is right, but guess what? It’s not my place to judge or decide if they are right or wrong. The Bible says “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”  Which to me means I don’t have to agree with them but I still need to respect them and therefore love them. Now if everyone could just try to love and respect each others differences instead of judging, picking apart and belittling and hating on each other, this world would be a happier place.I know it’s probably too simple for some to comprehend but for this simple girl it makes total sense.

I have made friends with lots of people I probably wouldn’t have If I was closed-minded and didn’t believe in loving and giving people who don’t believe the same as me a chance. I believe that most people are good people and just want to feel loved and accepted in this world.

I am not saying it is easy for me, I struggle with it everyday. It gets harder and harder for me especially when extremely horrible things like the Las Vegas Shooting happens. I am always saddened by the sickness of some who decides to take and ruin innocent people’s lives. I fully expected to see America join hands and become united as we have in the past when other tragedies have occurred, but instead as I start to read all the comments on social media, what I fully expected to be a bunch of love for all the innocent lives that have been taken and the hundreds who are wounded and the families and friends that have been affected, instead I see extreme hatred, name calling and blame on certain religions, race and sides of politics. All of these things are being brought up at time when what we all  really need right now is to put aside our differences and band together and show love and support to those family and friends that have been affected. Yes I am angry, yes I believe things need to change, But right now We Need to be United as Americans as show some love and compassion!


One thought on “Let’s Choose Love

  1. Yes. All this. Compassion, love, and kindness to and for all. Enough with the division! If we keep speaking in and spreading anger, we perpetuate the hate that this man must have felt. We must unite to heal. ❤

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