Chicken And Waffles

This past weekend Doug and I went to The Black Bear Diner. I have only been there a handful of times and every time I have gone I have gotten breakfast because I am one of those people who finds something they like at a restaurant and stick to it in fear of being disappointed if I stray from what I know I like.  Well this time I wanted more of a dinner not so much breakfast but I know they make really good waffles so when I saw the chicken and waffle meal I thought why not?  I realize this is a common thing to eat but I have never in fact understood this combination at all. I figured I like fried chicken and I like waffles I will just eat them separate. The chicken was delicious and so was the waffle but of course my curiosity hit and I had to try them together at least once to see what the hype is all about…fully prepared to hate it, I was pleasantly surprised! Chicken and waffles WHO KNEW??…  Well I guess pretty much all of America! But now I Know 😉


Notice Doug ordered a sticky finger sandwich hoping it would be as good as the sandwich he ordered when we were at Disneyland at the River Belle Terrace. He ordered the Fried chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce, coleslaw, fried jalapeno and cilantro. It was the best sandwich he has had in a while so he got pumped when he saw a sandwich that sounded sort of the same… Well It was NOT even close!

He was pretty disappointed so I gave him half of my chicken and he swapped out his for mine and he said it was WAY better with my chicken. So now you know Chicken and Waffles is the way to go… Well at least at The Black Bear Cafe!



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