Magic Bun Maker

Do you remember the slap bracelets from back in the day? I think someone must have had an attic full of these left over from the 80’s and came up with a way to recycle them. This magic bun maker has been all over my news feed on Facebook lately and It intrigued me enough that I actually clicked on the website link.  It looks super fast and easy to do. There isn’t much to it, it really is just two slap bracelets sewn together, pretty genius actually! I thought I might as well buy one to try out. Just for one bun maker it costs $7.60! I decided to go to my trusty Amazon and found  that I could get a pack of 8 magic bun makers for only $6.99!  If I would have bought all of those from the Magic Bun Website it would have cost me $63.20!!


Crazy Right? Well with my free shipping from my Amazon Prime account and the use of my credit cards rewards points it cost me all of $1.17!

They came last week and I was pretty excited to give them a try. I am not going to lie these are not as easy as it looks on their video, it takes some practice for sure and I learned that trying it with my hair straight was way harder than with it curly and I also just got a few more layers put in my hair this past weekend and that makes it even harder too! But after fooling around with them for a bit I think I got the hang of it. The hard part is perfecting the amount of rolls it takes to get the slapstick to bend just right.  I kept rolling my hair up only to have the bun roll the opposite way I wanted it to go! After I figured that one out it became a lot easier… What’s not easy, is trying to take pictures of myself trying to use these! I just couldn’t do it! But I did try my hardest to show you how they look on, I tried a low side bun, and a regular bun but with my hair the only style I could come up with was a messy bun.

I have A LOT of hair so I was pretty impressed that with just a rubber band and this bun maker I was able to get this to stay in my hair without using anything else.

So there you have it, A super fast and easy way to do your hair! I definitely can use these because Apparently You can’t wear a hat everyday!


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