House of Horrors!

We have had a ton of different bug and pest issues since we’ve moved into this house I am starting to think I should host my very own National Geographic show.  I know I am not the only one who is dealing with pesky bugs and rodents but seems to me we have had more than our share of weird and interesting things happen to us since we have lived here.

We have battled with ants for a long time and I am fairly certain our house and maybe our whole neighborhood for that matter is built on one large ant farm! If I am out doing yard work and I pull up a weed, you can bet I will also unearth a million pesky ants along with it. It is really bad. We have always had a few ants here and there inside our house too but nothing too bad or unmanageable. We have our house sprayed every three months like clock work to keep things under control. Well this past year our ant problem escalated to a whole new level. Ants were everywhere in our bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms you name it there were ants but the worst was in our food pantry. It got so bad we were throwing away unopened boxes of cereal and other foods that somehow these pesky things chewed right through and destroyed. I called the bug guys yet again and asked them to spray our house , I think they thought i was crazy by this point but nothing seemed to be working. Well the next day after they sprayed I was sitting at my desk and I saw an ant, I watched it because i wanted to see where these things were coming from. It ran right into my computer tower??? That was really strange to me so I decided to lift up the tower and that is when I was ready to pack my bags and move out… I saw this

This is just a little tiny bit of what was actually in my computer tower. It was filled with these tiny eggs  along with full size ants! There was a colony of ants living and breeding in my computer!!  I have never in my life felt so grossed out. We tore the computer apart blew air throughout everything and cleaned everything up, Of course we called the bug spray guys and had them come out again,  and of course they had never heard of such a thing! We finally have our ant problem under control I think at least for now, but I still have nightmares about that.

Now fast forward to a couple of nights ago. Doug and I heard some noises outside on the side of our house and instead of going out to see what was going on we just went to our guest bathroom and opened up the window to see what was going on, or at least we tried to open the window but it wouldn’t budge. So Doug starts pulling hard on it and we see all kinds of grass inside of the window tracks. This is very strange because we just got new window put in this year so it’s not like these windows have not been opened for years. So we pull even harder and this is what we find….


What the Hell is going on here? I freak out of course and can’t sleep all night thinking about this, You guys we got our house sprayed a million times this year why on earth do we have a window filled with bugs?? So I do some online research I discover we have bird nest wasps!??! WHY??? well our new windows have a little slit in them that drains out any water that may get into them and I guess this little hole makes a nice little opening and home for these bird nest wasp to procreate!  here’s what I found on the internet about them…

A nest is made when the female wasp gathers and carries grass or plant fibers to the chosen
cavity and provisions it with tree crickets (Oecanthus sp.). The tree crickets are the 1-inch long,
slender, light green dead insects found mixed into the grass-clipping nest. The wasp lays eggs
on or near the tree crickets and the larvae feed on the paralyzed prey. Full-grown larvae spin
papery cocoons when mature. There is one generation per year and the overwintering stage is
the prepupal larva within the cocoon.

Really? Why our house?? I have asked myself this question more times than I care to admit! Besides those two really disturbing instances we have had a sick bat living in our patio umbrella,

DC4381F9-1049-45CC-9669-B9648AA93BAE mice that have managed to get stuck in our sticky traps and walk around the house and then manage to escape. Unusual looking spiders that are straight out of a horror movie! This one was found crawling on Haden’s arm one day when we were sitting out on our front porch.


I could go on and on about the crazy things we have had to deal with, so If you ever see a For Sale sign out front you know it’s something really bad…. If there is ever a spider or snake infestation you better believe it I am OUT of here!!


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