DO IT!!!

Just to lighten the mood a little I thought I would share a funny story. The other day Doug and I were watching TV  where there was someone in the bathroom yelling for help and it reminded us of a funny thing that happened to us back when we were dating.

Doug and I had only been dating for a month or two, we were just chilling in my apartment watching TV when we heard a light knock on the door. We weren’t expecting anyone so I had no clue who would be at the other side. I was not prepared for what I saw, it was a little boy on a bike maybe 3 or 4 years old. He says he needs to go to the bathroom. My apartment was an apartment where only college students lived in and not any family homes near by so we were not sure where this kid even came from but I figured he must have really needed to go to knock on some strangers door, so I let him in. I showed him where the bathroom was and left him alone. we were just sitting in the front room thinking how funny this was when all of a sudden we start to hear some noises coming from the hallway. The little boy had left the door open and he  started grunting really loud. We about fell on the floor laughing it was so funny… But it gets better, after what seemed like forever of him grunting and making pooping noises we hear this….”OK” we looked at each other and I yell back, “OK What?”  He starts yelling, “DO It, DO It” in a really low funny voice over and over “DO IT” I finally yell back after literally rolling on the floor laughing this time and I say, “Do What?” He yells back, ” Wipe My Bottom!” Doug and I look at each other and bust up laughing again! Then we both panic a bit because neither one of us was going to wipe some strange kid’s butt! So I yell ” YOU DO IT” he yells, “I Cant” So I tell him to grab a lot of toilet paper and just wipe it. Now remember this is before Doug and I were even married or had kids of our own,  so we had no clue how to handle this kind of thing. So in what seemed like forever the kid finally appears and off he went. We laughed really hard about it. Later that day I went to use the bathroom and I had forgotten about the whole kid incident and The bathroom was destroyed, Toilet paper and poop all over the toilet I am pretty sure he used the whole roll of toilet paper! I showed Doug and all we could do was Laugh our butts off and say “Do It” While we cleaned it up. This is probably one of our favorite stories. Now to this day when we want the other one to do something they don’t really want to do we say in a low voice… DO IT! LOL


We were thinking about this kid the other day and how we have no clue who he is or where he came from and how he is probably pretty close to 30 years old now and has no idea that he has been a running joke in our family for over 26 years!…DO IT!



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