This Is why I have body image issues


I was scrolling down my Instagram feed this morning and I came across this ad from Fabletics. To be honest my first thought was Ew why would someone want to wear leggings in skin color, It looks like they aren’t wearing any pants? But this isn’t the reason why I have issues with the Ad… I started to read some of the comments and I was blown away at all the negative things I was reading! The caption says ” The “Perfect” Body comes in all shapes and sizes.”  Here are just a few screen shots I took of  was  being said, pretty shocking to say the least.

Pretty much all negative comments about these ladies butts being Too skinny or too flat and the only good one was the “FAT” one! What? This is a prime example of why I struggle and continue to struggle with body image issues. This company was just trying to help us women realize that we come in all different sizes and shapes and we should all be able to feel comfortable in their leggings because we are all perfect.  Which should make us women feel good about ourselves but instead the very women they are trying to help rip apart the ad and the ladies in it!?! It makes me so mad, sad and just really upset to think that this is the norm and it seems to be getting worse and worse.  As much as I try to get over my insecurities and issues, I read things like this and it sets me back a bit. Life is hard enough, come on ladies, let’s bring each other up instead of tearing each other down!



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