You Learn Something New Everyday

I am not sure why I am just now learning this? The other day Doug came home from work opened up our drawer that is full of all of our plastic wrap, aluminium foil and wax paper. He pulls them all out and shows me the ends of each box, he said do you know what these are even for? I was like UMMMM… I actually knew something was there, but I have never paid any attention to them, Well you punch these in so they hold the roll steady in the box so when you grab and pull the paper, foil or whatever it is you are grabbing,  it will not fly out of the box! WHAT?? Who knew? Probably a lot of you guys did, but we didn’t! Wow I feel so dumb and also so mad that I have gone all of these years without knowing this little but very useful piece of information! So I thought I would share just in case I am not the only one who didn’t know this! …Live and Learn





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