Yeti Cups

When Doug and I were first married He had this white plastic mug that he used everyday for his beloved soda addiction, it was his favorite mug, He used it probably everyday for the next 20 something years. If you saw this thing you would die, it was so ugly and gross but he said it was the best mug he has ever had. One day his favorite mug finally bit the dust. The handle broke off and was no longer usable. I looked everywhere trying to find a replacement for him.  Nothing compared to his beloved cup and he was very sad. One day Josh and Breecia were over for dinner and Breecia left behind her Yeti cup. Doug decided to give it a try. He fell in love with it the first day. He went to bed with a diet coke and ice and the next morning his ice was still there, Yep he was sold on the Yeti cup and Breecia being the sweet daughter in law that she is let him keep her mug.

A month ago I saw an ad for Yeti mugs on sale for $13.99 a piece. I was Leary but figured I would give them a try. Yeti cups normally are around $34 a piece. So I figured I would buy a couple at that price, For back ups.  When I placed the order I didn’t receive an email confirmation which was concerning and I knew these where coming from China so It really was a crap shoot, but I love to try things like this out and I love a bargain. I figure if It never comes I can always dispute the charge with my credit card. It was exactly a month from the day I ordered that my mugs arrived, which was the amount of time I was going to give them before I contacted my credit card company. These mugs look just like the real deal. The only thing that looks different to me is the colored cups on Yeti have a silver band on the bottom of them and these where solid. I was also a little bummed because I ordered the pretty sea-foam colored one and ended up with this blue one instead, not a big deal but not what I ordered either! 😦


I have a feeling these are fake Yeti cups but they are really nicely made if they are. So I decided to test them out. I took all 3 new cups along with Doug’s and filled them each with 10 ice cubes at 10 PM.


At 10 Am the next day I checked the cups. They all still had ice left in the cups but It looked like the “real” Yeti cup maybe had a little bit more left. (3 rd one from the left)


So I decided to pour out the liquid of each and measure how much had melted on each cup.





As you can see the three were almost exactly the same amount melted, the black one melted a tiny bit more. The original Yeti cup was just a little bit less than the other three but being that I am not entirely sure the ice cubes were exactly the same I would say that these knock off’s are pretty darn close to being the same as the real ones! I am happy with my little experiment and happy to report although these are probably not real Yeti cups I think they will do the job just fine and a fraction of the cost!


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