Forever 18

I can remember as a little girl going to my grandmas house and she had a picture of each of her kids (My mom and aunts and uncles) senior pictures framed on the wall and those pictures never got updated again! I thought it was so cool to see how different they all looked at the exact age in life. My mom ended up doing the same thing with us kids too so naturally I decided I would do the same thing with my boys. I have three frames that I keep pictures of the boys in that I updated a couple of times through out their childhood but as soon as they got their senior pictures taken that would be the last update.


Josh hit that mark 5 years ago, Haden 3 years ago and poor Tyler has been stuck with a picture of him from when he was like 11 years old! It’s kind of a little running joke around our house. Poor Tyler will never grow up. I have dragged my feet with getting his picture switched out for some reason, maybe because he is my last and I am still coming to terms with it.

Well I decided that with Tyler off to school I should just do it already! I miss seeing his face around here So I ordered his picture and it came today. I took the frame off the wall and opened it up and inside were his old pictures I kind of forgot about this and it made me sad,  My cute little boy is all grown up! Wow he has changed a lot over the years!


Well my wall of seniors is complete!


These pictures will remain the same Forever! My boys will be FOREVER 18 ( at least on the wall of my house) jf-2

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