Homemade Tacos

I always look forward to Sunday dinners because it is the day that I get to sit down with my little family and have dinner together and get caught up on each others lives.

With the weather cooling down a bit I was craving some comfort food and homemade taco’s is that for me.  I was a very picky eater  growing up, I know you hear people say that all the time, but I was so picky, that besides all the normal yucky things that most people don’t like that are picky, I also didn’t like things like popcorn or donuts! ( I still don’t like most vegetables but I do like donuts and popcorn now, of course)  So when my mom would make her tacos I knew I was gonna eat good! I love those things, over the years when we would get together we (my sisters and I ) would talk mom into making us tacos. It’s not hard to make it just gets a little hot and greasy and really isn’t the healthiest thing to eat but dang are they good!

Usually when I make tacos I buy the taco shells that are already made and have flour tortillas for soft tacos but only on special occasions I will fry them up the way mom does. Yesterday I decided it was one of those days.

I like to fry them up in coconut oil, it makes them taste sooo good! I also like fried flour tortillas the best probably because they aren’t as good for you as corn are. But I did use ground turkey instead of beef so I am hoping that makes these healthier in some way 😛

I had all the tacos lined up all pretty like on the platter and I set it down on the table, I turned around for one second to grab my phone and Josh and Haden had already grabbed tacos and put them on their plates! I made them put them back real quick so I could snap a picture and they just threw them back on! So I didnt get a picture of my pretty taco’s, but It did make me feel good to know that they seemed just as excited for homemade taco’s as I am when my mom makes them for me! 🙂



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