Vacation Book


You know how when you go on vacation and snap a million pictures and then you let them sit on your phone for a year or so doing absolutely nothing with them and then you either end up erasing them or downloading them onto your computer and never look at them again? Well maybe I am the only one who does that, but seriously we have so many pictures that just get lost in the shuffle. I decided to make a vacation book after our last family vacation in June. I wanted to make it as easy and painless as possible so I decided to look into Chatbooks.

Did you know Chatbooks now come in a new 8X8 Size?? Well they do! I wish I could go back and re-order all of my Chatbooks from 6X6 to the new 8X8 size, but I have already switched  my account from soft covers to hard covers, I don’t think I can justify changing them all again. So instead of switching my everyday subscription I decided to make a  custom family vacation book with the new 8X8 size. I am not sure everyone knows that you don’t have to actually post pictures on Instagram to make a book with Chatbooks, you can go on your phone or computer and add and pick what photos you want to include into your custom book,  you can also add pictures to your subscription that is  hooked up to your Instagram series account without actually having to posting to Instagram if you want… Just a little tip if you didn’t already know this.

So I selected all 228 photos that I took and added them to my book. The awesome thing is it automatically puts the photos in chronological order for you. So my books starts with our first pic on the plane and ends with the last shot I snapped while coming home. I didn’t have to organize, caption( you can if you want to) or date anything, it did it all for me!  It was So easy! I love how it turned out and it makes a great coffee table book!



If you haven’t already opened up a Chatbooks account, you really need to! Just click the link below to get started, I promise you will thank me later 😛




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