Snack Master

Who remembers the Snack Master from back in the day? I think It must have been late 80’s or early 90’s when these things came out. Of course we being your typical american family had one in our house. I thought it was pretty amazing.  You could make anything you wanted into a warm yummy pocket of goodness; Pizzas, tacos, omelets, pretty much the home-made version of the Hot Pocket, but WAY better than a Hot Pocket!

Last year before Haden moved out we were looking for some cheap dishes and things for his apartment so when my neighbor across the street was having a garage sale I thought I would check it out and see if she had anything he could use. I was not prepared for what I found there or the unusual amount of excitement I had when I saw it, She Had a Snack Master!!(Thank You Donna!) I snatched it up and could hardly contain my excitement when I brought it home to show Haden , He didn’t seem as thrilled as I was, but he said he would probably use it. I told him not to take it unless he really was going to use it, otherwise just leave it home cause I would definitely use it! He said he would use it and there it went. I was secretly sad.


*Ok this one is a Sandwich Xpress so this isn’t an Original Snack Master,but it is pretty much the same thing

Fast forward a year, Haden decided that while living away from home is awesome, bills are not, so he decided to move back home to save himself some money. When he was moving his stuff back in I remembered the Snack Master and asked him if he brought that back? He said “you mean the Panini Press?” What? “Ya we call it the Panini Press” LOL That made me laugh, that makes it sound so much fancier than  Snack Master!  He said he left it at the apartment but he would grab it on his next trip.

I was getting all giddy about this stupid thing, sometimes I wonder how old I am?  When he brought it home I immediately made me a sandwich. I didn’t have any lunch meat on hand so I decided to make me a Peanut butter and Honey sandwich with it… can you say Delicious?! I couldn’t wait to make more things with it…It really doesn’t take much to make me happy.

The other night we were making sandwiches for dinner. Doug wanted grilled ham, turkey, bacon and cheese sandwiches to be exact. So I said,”ooh I am going to make mine in the Snack Master, you want me to make yours in there?” “Nope,” He says.  Boo what a party pooper. So I said, “OK I will make mine in the Snack Master and you can make yours in the pan and we will see who is better.”


I realize His looks pretty good and the Chips and Salsa was probably a better side choice. But when we compare the sandwiches notice the slightly burned cheese on mine and the way the sandwich is all sealed together, my sandwich was hot through and through. Doug s sandwich while it looks pretty, when we bite into his the meat was still cold and the cheese wasn’t fully melted. My sandwich comes out pre-cut, his he has to cut himself…haha Ok I know, I know… I’m reaching now, but come on The Snack Master kicks butt!  And If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! Amazon is selling these for only $14.99. If I would have known that you can still buy these things I would have bought one years ago.

Anyways… I told Doug I would put this on here and take a Vote, Snack Master vs. Regular grilled sandwich?? PLEASE Humor us and post in the comments below which one you would prefer:)




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