Time Hop

My kids are always showing me the latest Apps and downloading stuff onto my phone or Ipad that I usually think I will never use and is totally unnecessary. In fact I can remember years and years ago, Josh begged me to download Words with Friends so that he could have another person to play with, I fought him on it for a while then finally gave in, then he and Haden figured out a way to hack into the game where anything they typed in would be accepted as a word and would beat me by 1000’s! They got a good laugh out of it and quickly went on to the next thing. Well they now make fun of me because I didn’t delete mine and I am still playing it!

So the newest App Haden downloaded on my phone is called TimeHop. I just knew I was going to be erasing this soon because I couldn’t even stand the dumb dinosaur picture on the app. But like everything else I am willing to at least give it a try, Well after having it for a few weeks I am kind of getting a kick out of it. Everyday it will show you what you have posted on your Facebook and Instagram accounts( I think you can add Twitter and others too) on that exact day years ago. Since I have been on Facebook for 9 years it will show me stuff I used to post way back when I first started and it can be pretty hilarious and also stuff I have no memory of. It also gives you and option to save or share what they have found, which you need to do that day because the next day it will be different. Here are a few that I ended up saving and sent to my kids, we get a good laugh out of it.


The One that Haden wrote 9 years ago, made us really laugh hard, for some reason when he was 12 years old he writes on my Facebook wall… “I hope I can kick your butt!” LOL we have no idea what that was all about! And Tyler’s asking me if I had my period yet this month when he was 10 years old!? This is stuff I never would have remembered if it wasn’t for Timehop! I highly suggest downloading this if not for anything else but a good laugh!



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