Venice Beach

We only had a few days away to celebrate our Anniversary and we tried to pack in as much as we could. Venice Beach is a place that I have loved ever since I can remember. I have always loved walking that boardwalk. People watching is one of my favorite activities and the people here are amazing, not like anything you see anywhere else really. I am not even really sure why I like it there so much except maybe my inner Hippie finally gets her way for a few hours. Yes I think secretly deep down I am a flower child.

The first time I took Doug there was back when we were dating and we have continued to visit many times over the years, We have even taken our kids there so that they can experience it also (They even got to play a game of pick up basketball with a few locals which was a highlight of their trip). It’s just one of those places you need to see and experience at least once in your life.  I have always wanted to make sure my kids didn’t live a sheltered life, we live in Utah where the majority is white, which is fine, but there is something so wonderful about being around many different ethnic and social cultures. I love being surrounded by all walks of life, being around a diverse group of people in all different colors and races is just beautiful and another reason why I love visiting California!  I wish everyone felt the same way as my Hippie inner self does… Peace, Love and Happiness Forever!

**Look who is still rolling around the boardwalk of Venice? Below is a picture of me with Harry Perry ( the roller skating, guitar playing ,turban wearing guy) back in 1991(got to love the socks and sandals) and of him now! I was so excited to see him but we were eating at the cafe so I didn’t get a chance to go out and talk to him. 😦 Maybe next time!


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