Babe Lash

Seems like everywhere you look everyone is sporting super long, full and luscious lashes. I know eyelash extensions are the latest thing and I think they look amazing ( most of the time), but the amount of time, and money that goes into those things, seems outrageous! I will say some women are forgetting the old saying less is more and are starting to look a little ridiculous, I think of snuffaluffagus every-time I see someone with extremely Long and over the top eyelashes! LOL


Like I’ve mentioned before, I would love to look all perfect and pulled together all the time, but I hate all the high maintenance that goes along with it. I just want a more natural long full lash without all the hassle. So when My sister Ashley came to visit this past July I noticed her eyelashes looked extra long and full. I asked her what her secret was and she said she’s been using Babe Lash. Babe Lash is a serum that you put on every night before you go to bed. I’ve heard of Latisse but that’s a prescription and I had also heard it is kind of pricey and there is all the talk about it messing with your eye color and eyelids and I really don’t have time for any of that either. Babe Lash is something you can buy online (Amazon) or at your local beauty supply store. I immediately went out and bought some.

*The first pic was July 17th. Second Pic was July 27th. Third Pic August 8th ( bad mascara day LOL who knew that was a thing??) last pic is August 29th.

I’ve been using it religiously every since. I hadn’t really noticed a huge difference til this last week, and I still have a few more weeks til I hit the three month mark so I am hoping it will continue to get better. I can see the length but hoping these will thicken up also. I wish I would of taken pics of my eyes opened at the beginning, because it’s kind of hard to tell with these pics, I am apparently not a professional! 😛 I think once you hit the desired length you can do maintenance of 2 to 3 times a week.  So far I am happy with it and hopefully with continued use I can get some more fullness out of these puppies!




UPDATE** I just found this pic from back in May( from my eyebrow post)…here you can totally see a difference! Whoo hoo!IMG_7801IMG_9643


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