Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We couldn’t go to California without seeing the Dodgers Play! It’s not that I am a huge baseball fan, I just grew up going to the games. I love the atmosphere of the ball park. It reminds me of my youth, it reminds me of warm summer nights and most of all it reminds me of the Dodger Dogs. I have memories of it being the best hot dog I have ever eaten! I have been to a lot of major league games over the years with Doug, we try to hit one anytime we are visiting a city that has a major league baseball team, I seriously don’t think I have ever eaten a dog as good as the Dodger Dogs I used to eat. I havent been to a dodger game since I was about 17 years old So I was way excited to go but maybe even more excited for my dodger dog. So excited that I decided to book us All You Can Eat seats so that I can have as many as I felt necessary 😛




Turns out I only needed 2 dogs, but they were every bit as good as I remembered.  The All you Can Eat Seats are awesome, all the Dodger dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, and drinks you can eat! Best seats by far, because really its all about the food, people watching and the game, in that order… for me at least! Of course the Dodgers didn’t win the night we went which was a bummer, but we had a great time anyway. Go Dodgers!



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