Jimboy’s Tacos

After a full day in Disneyland and 20,000 steps later we were starving! After spending absurd amounts on lunch and treats all day in the park, we decided to find something cheap to eat outside the park. We did a quick Yelp search and Jimboy’s Tacos on 1650 S Harbor Blvd had great reviews and really who doesn’t love Taco’s? So we decided to check them out.


We must have got lucky because when we got there it wasn’t crowded at all. We asked the guy behind the counter what he recommended since we had never been there before. He recommended the two beef taco combo. So we ordered two of those. These tacos were SOO good! They kind of reminded me of the ones my mom makes but they had Parmesan  cheese all over the outside of the taco shells! I don’t know why, but this added bonus was delicious!


So delicious that Doug decided he needed another one! So he went back inside to order another taco but this time there was a huge line. The guy behind the counter saw that Doug was back and told him the next one was on the house! Wow, how awesome is that? Yes you can say we will definitely be back!




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