How did you celebrate your 26th anniversary you ask? We went to Disneyland! I grew up going to Disneyland A LOT! I can’t count how many times I’ve been there. Doug and I even went together before we even had kids. But since we’ve had kids we’ve only been twice! I know what you are thinking, we are bad parents, but before you start judging us, our boys were different then most kids at the time. I think I made the mistake of not warning them before hand that everything there was not real. The first time we took them Tyler was around two years old and afraid of everything! I remember we went through Mickey’s house and a carrot popped up out of the ground and he about lost it, It was so scary to him! I also remember Josh after the Indiana Jones ride, he came out and said, “Whew, We barely made it out alive!” I said what do you mean, and he said,”we almost got hit by arrows I could feel them flying by my head!” I had to explain to him that nothing there was real, it was all for fun. Doug and I had a good laugh because this wasn’t till we were already more than halfway through our day. So for the entire time my kids actually thought we were taking them on things that could end their lives. We took them one other time a couple of years later so that they could get the feel of what Disneyland really was all about and they just didn’t seem to care that much about it. We had a hard time getting them to go on anything scary and they didn’t really like the fast rides and just didn’t seem very impressed by it at all, we were pretty bummed because everyone knows Disneyland is not cheap. So we just never took them again.

So this was the first time we had been back in probably 15 years. We had a great time. We got lucky, we went on a Friday and it wasn’t very crowded at all. I think the longest we had to wait for a ride was 30 minutes. We never even did the fast pass thing. We only did Disneyland, not California Adventure, because we knew we only had one day and we didn’t think we could squeeze both parks in, but now I think we could have… oh well maybe next time. We were able to do pretty much all the rides we wanted to and some.

When I say next time, even though we had so much fun without the kids, I cant help but think it would be that much more fun with kids! I know my kids are all grown up but I mean at least with kids you don’t feel as weird waiting in line for Mr Toad’s wild ride, I’m pretty sure we got some strange looks, but who cares, we were in the Happiest place on earth! I think all adults should try Disneyland without kids at least once.

**we also saw a celebrity sighting… Neil Patrick Harris (from How I met your Mother) and his family. We actually got into his car right after them! Crazy right?


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