Honey App


I am sure by now you can tell I am a huge online shopper and also a huge penny pincher. Every-time I shop I spend probably more than the average person searching for the best deal possible. I realize time is money, but I am also unemployed so I take saving money as my full-time job. The other day I found out about the app called Honey App. I wasnt sure about it at first, I am always a little skeptical of these things, but I decided to give it a try. This app is a browser plug-in extension and it literally searches the internet to find you the best deal possible. You can click on it when you are in your shopping cart and it will show you what coupon codes are available to help you get the best deal out there. Here’s an example. I was at Gap online and I put this cute T-shirt in my cart. Next I went to the little honey button and from there it showed me the coupon codes available. I just clicked on the code and boom, 40% off! it’s that easy.


next I decided to check out Amazon because I use that more than I care to admit. On Amazon it will actually tell you if it’s the best price, or it will let you know that the price has changed a couple of times that month. It also has a place where you can sign up for them to watch the item for 30 days and notify you when the price drops.

I am pretty excited to have this as my search companion, I believe it will save me time while finding the best deals out there!  Also there is a way to earn money too, you earn points while saving even better! If you decide to try it out use this link and start saving $$$ today!!  Honey App


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