Kilo’s Italian Ice


If you are ever in St. George, Utah you have to check out Kilo’s Italian Ice! As you know we were in town last weekend moving Tyler there for School. We lived in St. George for almost 5 years when the kids where just little. I think Josh was in 6th grade when we left, but he still keeps in touch with some of his friends he made from way back then. One of his good buddies from that time was Dylan Cluff. When Josh text him to let him know we were going to be in town he told him to come visit him at his new place… Kilo’s Italian Ice.  If you know St. George in August it is HOT, So he really didn’t have to twist our arms to go check it out.


I was impressed as soon as I walked into the door, it was decorated super cool and it had a hip beachy vibe. We had a really good time catching up with Dylan, but then came the hard part, making a decision of what flavor to choose.

They all sounded so good! After a few samples I decided on the Orange cream drenched. Drenched meant it was covered in some yummy creamy goodness. (so did Haden and Doug) It reminded me of a good old fashioned Creamsicle. YUM!

Tyler chose the Strawberry Layered, which had a layer of vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between. I snuck a bite of this one too…Totally yummy!


Breecia went with the salted Caramel Drenched.


Josh went with Mango Drenched.


I will say that we were all very happy with our choices and will most definitely be back! I am craving one as I type this, I sure wish we had one close to us! It is such a nice a refreshing change of pace from your usual ice cream cone or frozen yogurt or custard. Go check it out for yourselves, I promise you wont be disappointed! Also for all my St. George friends, They also cater weddings or other events so if you want to do something different and cool, Kilo’s would totally fit the bill.  Check them out 511 E. Saint George Blvd. Suite E, Zion Plaza, St. George, Utah 84770.





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