It’s Official

Well Tyler is Officially a College student! I am still trying to rack my brain around it. What’s even more crazy is we moved him down to the very town where he started Kindergarten. Somewhere around here I have a picture of me that Doug took after dropping him off to kindergarten I am walking through the parking lot with tears in my eyes. Well If Doug would have taken another Picture of me this weekend we could have totally recreated that very picture, because again I couldn’t help but have tears in my eyes when we left him.

I worry about this kid a lot! Not so much about him going to class and doing his homework, I worry more about things like, Will he wash his clothes when they get dirty? Will he cut his hair when it starts looking bad? Will he eat right? Will he make friends? Will his roommate be nice to him? I worry because I am leaving him to room with a total stranger, what if he is mean to him. Will he brush his teeth everyday? LOL I know what you are thinking, he will be fine, and deep down I know this too, but as a mom it’s hard to let go and let your kids figure things out by themselves. I know this is so good for him to be away from us and find himself, It’s just so hard to do.

**Oh and Just when Doug and I thought we were going to be empty nesters Haden decided to move back home! So I guess I will still have someone to take care of and mother! LOL


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