Sand Hollow State Park


So I know yesterday I told you the boys went down to St. George to take Tyler to school, but if you think I’m going to send him off without making sure he’s all settled and taken care of you are crazy😜  Besides we already had a hotel  room paid for so, ya of course we went down!  We picked up Breecia and decided to meet the  boys in Sand Hollow for a day of fun before we had to get down to business.

We have actually lived in St. George for Almost 5 years  (13 years ago) and have never been to Sand Hollow! Kind of crazy huh? This place was beautiful! I think we got lucky because it was not crowded at all!

We had so much fun on the blow up Tuscan and kayaks that Breecia brought!

I sure love spending time with these guys!  I guess playtime is over and we need to get Tyler set up for school… boo, but what a nice way to end our summer!


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