Tyler Moves Out

I can’t believe my baby is old enough to move out and go to Collage! He’s only moving 3.5 hours away to Dixie State, but that’s still far enough away that I won’t see him as often as I would like. This kid had been my easiest kid by far! He was also always around when everyone else was off doing whatever it seemed like I could always count on my Tyler hanging out with me.  In sure going to miss my little buddy.

Doug and I planned on moving him down this weekend we booked our hotel and made arrangements about a month ago. In the meantime my older boys decided they wanted to take a brothers trip before Tyler moved away, it ended up working out that the only time they could all do it was the weekend before school started so yesterday the boys all drove down, got Tyler all moved into his dorm and spent some quality brother bonding time. It makes this moms heart happy to see them take care of him and worry about their little brother, I’m so glad they took the time out to spend some time with each other. I know I love spending time with my siblings and especially love spending time with my sisters. I have always told them that friends will come and go but in the end it’s your brothers who will probably end up being your best friends.

The last pic makes my heart so happy! (Besides Josh’s mustache) lol…this might be one of my favorite pictures!



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