Simply Fit Board


Believe it or not the first place I saw one of these things was at my parents house. They had it sitting out one day and I of course had to jump on it and try it out. It is actually pretty fun to do, I thought If I ever see one of these at the store I would buy one.

That was months ago and I really never thought about it again. Well the other day Doug and I were at Wal-Mart and lo and behold they had a bin full of these! Doug says.” you know you want one”, well he wasn’t wrong, I love to try all kinds of weird and different ways to keep in shape. In fact I think I was one of the youngest Health Rider owners and I loved it, In fact there are days I wish I still had that goofy looking thing.



*Yes I have owned all of these things and many more, it’s just fun to switch things up!

So You know I had to buy one. I am excited to add this to my days when I don’t get out walking.  Well I have only had it one day and I can tell you it definitely has potential to be a good workout. It comes with a set of exercises and a DVD, which I haven’t checked out yet.



The hardest part right now for me is keeping this thing on my little rug, I didn’t want to ruin our floors so I used a little floor rug we had, and it isn’t big, so keeping it in this little space is a workout in of its own.  Besides working out your Ab’s I really think this is an excellent way help you with balance.

Try taking a selfie while balancing and twisting and trying to stay on a little carpet… Ya, Not easy! LOL!!


here’s an example of a 10 minute workout they have, I think it’s doable… Now here’s also their Diet suggestions… Sorry I had to laugh when I saw this…


If only it was this easy! I think I eat almost all of the Do Not Eat things! LOL I think If I only followed these rules I wouldn’t even need to exercise!  Until then I guess I will continue to find new, fun and slightly weird ways to keep me interested and in shape.



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