Purple Reign

Doug saw an Ad on Facebook about a Prince Tribute Show that was playing yesterday up at the Sandy Amphitheater. He knew I would like to go see that so he text me and said we should go. I of course was all over it because who doesn’t love a little Prince on a Tuesday evening?  We decided to get tickets and take the boys( and their girlfriends) as a last little Hoorah  before we have to take Tyler To College. I can not tell you how fast this summer has gone by, and I can not believe he is actually moving out this week!

The kids were good sports about the whole thing.  They only knew a couple of his songs and they were probably the youngest people there. Everywhere you looked there was old people dressed like wanna-be 20 year olds! The scene was pretty funny. It was a crowd full of middle-aged people, But then I had to laugh because, wait, I AM one of those middle-aged people! It’s so crazy to me how in my mind I am not as old as I really am, and I am sure I looked just as silly as everyone else there.

We had a good time, the show was very entertaining, it is the same show as the one they do in Vegas, but they said they had to tame it down a bit for us here in Utah. LOL While they did a great job, He definitely was no Prince, but let’s be honest, Nobody could ever compare to Him! I was how ever very impressed by this guys ability to do the splits and bounce right back up! IMG_9360

All in all it was a good night. I mean what could be better than a beautiful relaxing summer evening outside jamming to Purple Rain with family? I say not much!


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