Achievement App

I found another fun App that you can earn money doing absolutely nothing but living your everyday life. If you own a fitness tracker or a phone you pretty much have the means to earn money with this App. I have only had this for a few days now and I am already at 948 points. Once you earn 10,000 you earn $10! They will credit your PayPal account or Gift Rocket account. It’s that easy! You get points for steps, sleep, food tracking etc… I am just letting my apps track what I already track, no extra work for me. I am excited to see how fast I can earn my first $10!

Notice in 10 minutes I earned 52 points! Also notice it says I only had 66 steps today, It does take some time for it to update, I was a little frustrated when I first synced up because it wasn’t showing my steps, but about 6 hours later they were there, so just give it time:) There you have it, another easy way to make a little extra cash! And another push to meet my daily step goal… It’s a win-win!


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