Vizzini’s House of Escapes

This past weekend we went out on a date with some friends. Instead of your average dinner and movie date we decided to do something a little different.  We decided to check out the Vizzini’s House of Escapes on Main street in American Fork.

The only other Escape room we’ve ever done before is The Alcatraz Escape Games up in Sandy. We did the Prison Bus Escape and it was really fun, but a little intense because we had Al Capone yelling at us the whole time we were trying to figure out all the clues and it was very distracting, needless to say we didn’t make it out in time.


What I liked about the Vizzini’s House of Escapes was we got lucky and it was just us playing, we didn’t have to work with people we didn’t know, which was nice, and also it was a 90 minute thing, which made it a little less stressful. The objective with this one was a little different. From the website…

“Step into the shoes of a hot-shot news reporter trapped inside a maze of diabolical clues and puzzles.

You and your friends navigate through rooms and challenges while other teams attempt to unravel the mystery and earn the reward before you.

Only one team will land the story, if anyone can make it out alive.”

The game is played in a little old house off of main street in American Fork. The game is played in the basement of the old house. My first thoughts were I could totally do this in my house, I can’t believe how cheesy this is. But after playing it, I cant believe how much thought and time this must have taken to come up with. There is no way I could make a game like this. Very challenging and very fun!

They had us split into two groups, so since there was only 6 of us we decided on boys against girls. This was very fun, We got to use our  brain in ways we don’t really get to on the average Friday night. There is something very satisfying about figuring out a puzzle or finding a clue, you feel like a kids again, but you also have to use your wisdom and smarts like an adult.  We were in groups until the last 30 minutes and then we had the choice of working together as a team, we chose to work as team and together we were able to get to the $10,000 reward but we didn’t finish the whole thing. I don’t know how anyone could, there is so much to figure out! All in all this was a very enjoyable evening, and It keeps you thinking about it way after you leave. I highly recommend it for a change of pace. The only draw back is that it isn’t cheap. Check out Groupon (I noticed after of course) they have a 40% off offer going on right now.


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