Back when I was first married and first started having my kids I swore I would document all of my kids lives by scrap-booking. I had good intentions but once I had more than one, I got behind, so behind that my third child was lucky to even have a book,  I didn’t even make it pass his 6 month mark! The others weren’t too far ahead of that, I have felt bad forever about this, and have tried on more than one occasion to go back and try to get updated. I am so far behind on all three of them and the more I wait, the farther behind I become. I love the idea of making digital scrapbooks, but I still have to find the time to upload pictures and arrange them and edit them and pick out cute backgrounds and blah, blah, blah…It just becomes too much! So when I heard of Chatbooks, it was a no brainer, I post on social media anyways, so that part was easy.

You can sign up for a series and link it up with your Instagram account after your 60th post it will automatically send you a book. You can go in before it sends and delete any posts you don’t want included or add pictures from you camera roll on your phone. Now this is something I can do! So I signed up and Havent looked back since! Now it’s not going to replace all those years I am behind, It’s just going to give me a chance to get caught up. You can also go in a create a custom book, You can take all the pictures from your latest trip and dump them into one book and boom you are done! I love it so much! You can also free up your storage space on your phone! So if you don’t already have a Chatbook account now is the time to do it! They are having a 20% off  summer sale until July 31st. IMG_9152

click here to get started

If you use that link above and download the app you will get your first book free!!


Do it now People because time is not slowing down and neither is the picture taking, seems like both are going forward at rapid speeds and there is no stopping them!!


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