T-Mobile Tuesdays

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Did you know that If your Cell phone provider is with T-Mobile you can get FREE Stuff with their T-Mobile Tuesdays App??  I’m sure you’ve probably heard of it, but haven’t downloaded it because there is no such thing as “Free” anymore, am I right? I know because I feel the same way about these things too. But you should download this App and at least check it out every week, you might be surprised. Tyler and I have actually gotten a free pizza from Domino’s, not buy one get one, not some percentage off, we literally ordered a pizza entered a code from the App and we picked up our pizza, no money was exchanged at all! It’s pretty cool. This week you can get a free T-Mobile Towel  and a Free Disney E-book and there are also some percentage off deals, but hey if your already going to buy something from them anyways and they happen to have a discount off of it, Bonus right? I mean what could be better than that? Well besides free taco’s on T-Mobile Tuesdays?!!



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