Walking and Talking

I am not a huge exercise lover, but one thing I do love is walking. I have been on and off walking ever since I first got married. It is the one exercise I actually don’t mind doing, As long as I have a walking partner to help keep me motivated. I have been “Off” for more than my usual lately.  My sister Nancy, who recently moved back near me asked me if I wanted to start walking again, I immediately said YES!

There are many reasons why walking makes me happy. First it forces me to get out of bed. I have the hardest time getting myself out of bed each morning! I love to sleep, well I should say I have a hard time sleeping, but for some reason around the time the sun is starting to rise, my body finally decides to sleep 😦 . But if I have a walking partner I will rarely be the one to back out, unless it’s absolutely necessary. ( But if I do get a text from my walking partner that morning asking if we can skip that day, you know I am secretly happy to be able to sleep in)

Secondly,  and probably One of the biggest things I love about it is the ability to solve life’s problems while out there. Ha! OK maybe not solve them…but I find that walking with a friend is like a huge therapy session. I have had several walking partners over the years. I love getting to know them better. It’s the best time to just talk about life and pretty much anything and everything that is going on with us whether it be big or small, just having an hour to talk things out with a trusted friend is a huge added mental health bonus.

And of course lets not forget the actual health benefits of walking. I try to keep it to a brisk pace and adding hills to my route helps too! The older I get the more important this is too me, I am realizing how important it is to have a healthy body. There are so many things I still want to do and see in this world and taking care of my body will hopefully help it so I can!



Today was an extra special day, My youngest sister who lives in Texas is in town and decided to come walking with us! I love spending time with these girls! It was a good walk and talk session and what could make it better than that? How about Brownies?? Yep, we may or may not of had brownies when we came home! LOL


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