Making Vinyl T-Shirts

My little sister Ashley is visiting this week, It is always fun to have her around, but even EXTRA fun because this time she brought her Vinyl machine and heat press. We spent the whole after noon making and creating these T-Shirts. It was so much fun! Most of the kids got into it too, I sure wish I had access to these when my boys were younger!

It’s totally making me want to buy all the stuff to do this myself, But I would have to learn the computer part of it, I’m pretty good at thinking up the designs, but not sure Id really have the smarts to figure it all out!  I think they all turned out so good!


These two were heading out to a concert tonight so they hurried up and made their own T-Shirts, Way to save money girls!!

The boys got into it just as much as we did, Love the shirts they came up with.

But my favorite shirt of the day has to be This one, I was inspired by this shirt I found Online, it was a little more difficult but my sister was able to figure it out and I think it turned out awesome! Yep, I am going to be up all night dreaming of new things to make while she is here, she is probably going to regret bringing all this stuff! LOL!


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