Shopping Discount Stores

I love a bargain!! Discount stores like Ross or Home Goods are always fun to shop at, but you have to be careful too. There is a lot of crap at these stores but if you are patient and willing to take your time and look you can find some really good treasures.  It’s best to go with something in mind, so that you aren’t mindlessly shopping, but every once in a while you will come across something totally unexpected and My number one advice to you is… if you see something you like and its a good deal… BUY IT!


I recently went shopping at Home Goods with my sister, she was looking for something specific and I was just along for the ride.( why is it when you’re not looking to find something, that is exactly when you find everything??) anyway, I found a really cute centerpiece that I thought would be perfect for my dinner table, but I wasn’t really in the mindset right then to actually buy it and thought, well If I still want it tomorrow I will go back.  Which is usually my advice for regular stores,  But not discount stores, that day I totally forgot my own rules!! So the next day I thought I will go back to Home Goods and pick up that centerpiece while I was out running errands. Of course it wasn’t there, they had something similar, but not exactly what I wanted so I left…. Well the next day I was kicking my self for not buying the similar centerpiece so I went back to the store to get the other one and luckily is was there and I bought it, but If only I had bought the original one right when I saw it I would have saved myself 2 extra trips to the store and a near death accident( that’s a whole other story, but lets just say I literally saw my life flash before me that day!)

So after my Home Goods run I ran over to Ross, to look for some new towels for my bathroom. I of course couldn’t help myself from scanning the shoe section and I stumbled upon these cute shoes! You better believe I didn’t think twice and I threw these babies in the cart… Live and Learn:)


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