So My youngest son Tyler Just shared with me how he is making a few extra dollars with the app called ibotta. I must live in a cave because I have never heard of it before. Its an app where you can get cash back from everyday purchases. At first I thought it was a scam or it would be stuff i dont actually buy. I just signed up for it two days ago and I already have $14.75!


Now the beauty of this, as I meantioned before I use the walmart savings catcher, I can use this in addition to that, so i now have two ways to make money for shopping for things I normally buy! Pretty cool huh?  It’s not just Walmart either, There are tons of different stores and rebates you can use this with. Amazon, Uber, Target, Best Buy to name a few. Im new to this but I can see how the money can add up quickly.

If you want to make some easy money, give it a try. Use my referral code and when you sign Up you get a $10 welcome bonus!

Ibotta $10 Welcome Bonus

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