Look What Came!

Last week I told you I was trying the ThirdLove bra… Well mine has come! First Off Shipping was really fast!

When I first got the box I immediately opened it up and tried on the bra. I pulled the tags off and then read the instructions! Well maybe you should read the instructions first…OOps!


The very first step it says to Keep the tags on. The band should be snug and comfortable on the loosest hook. Well shoot, I already took the tags off and the bra fits super comfortably, but the band is on the last hook. I figure I will probably keep this one, since everything else on it fits right, and maybe go back and order a smaller band next time. Besides that, the bra fits exactly like they said it would. I haven’t had a strap slip or a underwire poke me since i have been wearing this. I guess they weren’t kidding when they say, “The best bra is one you never think about” I have worn this for three days now and haven’t given it another thought, So… yes, It’s a keeper! I am super excited to have found a new bra I like, that is comfortable and I can order in the comfort of my own home! Whoo Hoo, Happy Day!

If you want to give these bra’s a try click on this link below to get $15 off your first order!!

$15 Off Your First ThirdLove Order

Go On, Give ThirdLove a chance…you can thank me later:)


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